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The Emperor Has No Balls


I’m going to stand on a soap box for a minute, because I just want to put a few things in writing, for the record, for my own piece of mind, just for the sake of saying it.

I’m tired of the false equivalency. Donald Trump is a privileged white man who inherited a metric fuck ton of money from his father, ran a bunch of companies into the ground, gamed the system, stiffed his employees, paid no taxes, and made a reality TV show where he fires people, who now says the system is rigged against him while whining that a Supreme Court Justice was mean to him. Cry me a river…

He brags about sexually assaulting women, then belittles the appearance of those women who have accused him of such acts. Who knew that G.O.P. stood for Grab Our Pussy…

He is alleged to have purposefully walked in on minors in a state of undress at a pageant he operates.

Just let that sink in…

He is openly undermining the integrity of the election process with absolutely no evidence what so ever that there is any fraud taking place.

News organizations are now hiring security for their correspondents while attending Trump rallies because of the violence he promotes against the press and the danger his supporters present.

He is racist, sexist, xenophobic, and quite frankly, a pig. All this aside, I am appalled at an educational system that produces voters that seem to think any of this is ok, and I am appalled at the Republican leadership that says nothing in the face of such disgusting, dangerous rhetoric. I’m looking at you Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell…

Hilary Clinton is quite possibly the most qualified person ever to seek the presidency of the United States. You might not agree with all of her policies, I certainly don’t. But to compare her to Donald Trump is absolutely, in no uncertain terms, completely and entirely ludicrous.

Donald Trump is a joke, and it’s not funny anymore. Get out and vote.


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